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Frequently Asked Questions
What do I do with my cooler box and materials after delivery?

On the day of your next delivery, place the empty cooler box and all materials on your porch where you will receive the new delivery. If you are not receiving a new delivery for any reason, contact us in order that we can pick up on the next delivery day.

Are there terms for changing or canceling my subscription?

As long as your order is changed before Wednesday at midnight, you will not be penalized for changing or canceling any deliveries scheduled for the following Tuesday.

What does your food contain and not contain?

Morsel does not use any animal product of any type in our food. We also do not prepare any product with wheat; however, we do work in a kitchen that is not wheat free. Our food also does not contain preservatives; which means you will need to eat or freeze the food the week you get it! Our food DOES contain vital phytonutrients coming from a variety of local and seasonal produce! For more specific ingredients, refer to meal descriptions and dietary icons.

Are the food containers oven safe? Microwave safe?

Remove the lid of brown food containers and they are safe to be heated in the oven at 350 degrees for up to an hour. They are also microwave safe without the clear lid. Rule of thumb, if it is clear, it is not safe for heat!

When do I receive my delivery?

Orders placed by Wednesday at midnight, will receive a delivery on the following Tuesday before 6pm. If an order is placed after midnight on Wednesday, it will be received the next Tuesday.

For example, I place my order Thursday, June 6th at 9am and I will receive my delivery on Tuesday, June 18th.

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