Creating plant-based fuel for your soul and delivering it to your door each week.

We think about your health with each meal we create so you don’t have to.
Organic, plant-based, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free—always.
Serving you in Savannah, GA, Bluffton + Beaufort, SC and surrounding areas.

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Featured Meals for January 28th

Our meals change with the seasons, rotating each week to keep your plant-based food journey full of new culinary experiences.

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Meal Plans to Fuel Your Life
Chef’s Choice Weekly Subscription
Great for 2 people (3 meals each) or 1 person to enjoy 6 meals.
  • 3 Meals X 2 = 6 Total Meals
  • Chef's Suggested Weekly Menu
  • Ability to Select from 4 Meals
  • Ability to Pause Subscription + Start Again
  • Plant-Based Meals Ready to Eat
$81 / per week
Family Weekly Subscription
Great for a family, feeds up to 5, or to eat throughout the week.
  • 1 Family Style Entree Plus 5 Sides + Desserts
  • Chef's Suggested Weekly Menu
  • Ability to Select from 2 Meals
  • Ability to Pause Subscription + Start Again
  • Plant-Based Meals Ready to Eat
$49 / per week
A La Carte Selections
Select the the meals + items you want without commitment.
  • Select Entrees from the Weekly Menu
  • Add On Salads, Soups, Sides and Desserts
  • Order by Wednesday at 9PM EST
  • Meet Minimum Spend with No Subscription
  • Plant-Based Meals Ready to Eat
$40 / per order - minimum

Plans and Pricing

Meet Morsel

Impassioned by the positive effect of nutrient dense foods on her own life and well-being, founder Megyn now seeks to help others simplify their wellness journey while also enjoying a culinary experience.

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Why Plants Matter

Whole-food, plant-based diets are linked to countless health benefits, reduce risk of chronic disease and are most sustainable for our environment. We believe that by adding more plants to your diet, you are not just fueling your body, but your soul.

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Purposeful Ingredients

We choose seasonally and locally grown produce and package our meals in biodegradable containers. We aim to make a big impact in our community by having a small footprint on our environment.

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Why Morsel

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